“Help the Disabled Day” Tour of Love


Letter of Thanks

May 14th, 2015

The National “Help the Disabled Day” is coming . We are writing to thank all the leaders and the staff of Qinhuangdao Wildlife Park for their warm hospitality and support. On this special day for the disabled, the park offered free tickets for all the local disabled people and helped organize our charity tour.

Our QQ group (371783093)is a charity team for disabled people. Many members suffer from different degrees of visual, hearing or physical disabilities. All of them have dreams of travelling, but few of them have realized that due to economic or health problems. In order to make our group members feel the warmth of the society, we applied for a charity tour to Qinhuangdao Wildlife Park. The park leaders gave us positive and prompt response, and provided us with tour guide, nursing escort and vehicles freely.

Thanks to all the leaders and the staff in Qinhuangdao Wildlife Park, 15 disabled members in our group join the tour. we realized our dream to help the disabled. The disabled group members realized their life dream of travelling.

On behalf of the whole group and our families, we’d like to express our thanks to all those who have given us care and help.Thank you very much!

Yours Sincerely

QQ group (371783093)

Source: Qinhuangdao Wildlife Park

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